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“I have never found a Gospel Tract that so completely and clearly explains how to get saved and with such attractive colors, graphics, and the most powerful message that will draw people to read them. My burden and prayer is, Lord, Give Me Souls!”
Rev. Goodwin, Livingstone, TX

“I really love your tracts – very concise in the message – sin, mercy, grace, Christ, and eternal salvation. Thanks!”
Martin, San Diego, CA

Your GO! Tracts are very concise, clear, draws curiosity, and lots of people in Europe and in San Francisco Bay Area cities are receptive to it.”
Erwin, San Francisco, CA

Making You The Powerful, Christian Evangelist


Whether it is in America or worldwide, there are billions of individuals that are hungry and thirsty to receive His word. GO! Evangelism Ministry proudly makes it possible for preachers, evangelists, and even lay Christians to fulfill their God-ordained evangelism ministry by using the most effective tool available today – GO! Gospel Tracts.

Most importantly though, while you, as a faithful messenger, may speak only one or two languages, when you wish people of various cultures and different languages to witness your ministry; even though there is a language barrier, your faithful tract of gospel messages will make the impossible possible for you. Tracts bridge communication barriers!


When you venture out to witness His word and spread the gospel, it’s often hard to prepare yourself on how best to do it, even armed with the most moving and powerful tracts in hand. So how does one go about succeeding in his or her calling to become a witness and spread the Word?

Here’s how to do it right:


The first thing to understand for a successful ministry is that gospel tracts don’t convert individuals by themselves. It takes the Holy Spirit to do that. Before every ministry encounter or event, you need to pray and invoke the Holy Spirit so that it may intercede on your behalf.

The right approach:

Now that you are fortified with the Spirit, it’s time for the tract to show its power through you. Since you are the messenger, and the tract is the message, you need to ensure YOU are well received first, before nonbelievers accept your message.

When you approach an individual or a group, never push out a tract into their arms, hoping they will welcome your approach. Instead, greet your audience with a warm smile, making eye contact, even invoking a popular greeting in the tradition of the local environment that you are ministering.

Making an impact:

No matter how great a messenger you are, if your message isn’t impactful, stirring and attractively presented, you will likely quickly lose the interest of an audience. In today’s hectic world, people will only pause if they see an attractive-looking message.

Using the high-quality GO! Gospel Tract that you have access to will quickly have the desired impact on your listeners. Great tracts have the power of leaving indelible impressions, and that’s what GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc., specializes in producing!

Be prepared:

Successful ministries don’t often happen by appointment. That’s because the Holy Spirit is continually at work, 24×7, working on people’s hearts. We never know when someone is ripe to open their hearts and receive the Word. That’s why you must always be prepared to seize the moment!

Whether that moment manifests itself on a crowded bus, at a train station, in a coffee shop, or in a road-side encounter – you must always be prepared to make each encounter bear fruit. Always carry a supply of your favorite GO! Bible Tracts with you, and be prepared to engage with anyone – no matter where, no matter when – that shows an interest in His message!


We, at GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc., have been supporting gospel ministries across the globe in their mission to spread the Word. Thanks to our GO tracts, the Word is spread every day, in countless parts of the globe, in numerous languages.

Tracts are powerful visual tools for those setting out on their ministry. Using the right tract can elicit the right response from individuals and groups. When they see a beautifully laid out tract and read its message, it can evoke the right reaction to your message. They, and ultimately you, will reap the eternal rewards that lay ahead!

At GO Evangelism Ministry, Inc., we have GO! Gospel Tracts that will move anyone into lending their ear to your message. You can develop a highly effective Tract Ministry by including a select choice of tracts in your evangelism efforts. In doing so, you and everyone you touch through your ministry will reap the eternal reward of The Word!