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Below are reviews from numerous Amazon readers who were challenged by reading our newly published GO! Evangelism Book.

October 22, 2023
A narrative focused on what an Evangelist should be and do. Go! Evangelism: So Simple, Yet So Powerful Evangelism by Spencer ChoIt is a book that explains Evangelism and the way they need to do proselytism, Cho, the author, explains how they become seeds of the gospel, and how they are protected against hell by God itself. How the Evangelist faith is enough to have a joyful and full life knowing they will end in haven just close to God. I read this book trying to understand the proselytism actions they do all around the world, the book even gives you two sites where you can find biblical and gospel tracts. I always believed they did not have anything better to do than carrying the word of God from person to person, and now I see they do it because their religion makes them believe that is the thing that must be done to be a good Evangelist. Now I will be able to understand them better than before.
Nicole Brobeck
Nicole Brobeck
October 20, 2023
An easy to follow guide to help spread the Good News Spencer Cho has written an easy-to-follow book that can mesh well with the bible and will work nicely with any small group leader looking for their next lesson plan, and those who are brave enough to share the Good Word with others. It contains a detailed table with 10 chapters, with individual titles and three or four topics. Perfect for discussions within small groups to talk about and share their thoughts. Nestled between chapters 5 and 6 there is a two-chapter training manual for group leaders. The first is on “The Salvation and being reborn again, and the second talks about the blessings of “The Go Evangelism”Cho has a very enthusiastic voice that would draw many religious Christians together. He also includes personal stories of missions that he participated in, in later chapters. I especially like how there is an index in the very back and bible verses spread out throughout the book. Taken from the King James Version, using the old English of thy.
Marisa Fertitta
Marisa Fertitta
October 17, 2023
GO! Evangelism: A Saving Grace Spencer Cho’s “Go! Evangelism” is an intricate, enlightening, and overall encouraging read. His writer’s voice presents very strongly here, which is not something I normally look for or notice when I’m reading, especially when it’s an informative book, but his way of speaking about Jesus Christ and Evangelism radiates so much joy that you can’t help but notice and enjoy it. Coming from someone who lately has felt lost in their faith and turned to this book for guidance, I was pleasantly surprised how rejuvenated I felt after only reading the first chapter. Not only are Spencer’s words incredibly encouraging, but he also makes following the path of Evangelism attainable; he seamlessly connects Evangelism back to the scripture, and taking it a step further, also provides commentary on what Evangelism looks like in our modern world and what we can do to practice it most faithfully.What I particularly like about this book is that Spencer is careful to make it clear that Evangelism can exist in the modern world, and quite easily. All it really takes is honesty and faith. Additionally, he comments on things like racism, covid, and other controversial topics in the Christian community with grace. His goal is to spread the good word, not to make anyone feel like a horrible person for not having repented sooner. And you can tell, because (as is rare with books like these) he addresses everyone as a whole, not as good people and bad people, and he doesn’t use accusing language or blame the reader for sinning. He uses an encouraging tone and wrote a book that is engaging for believers of all ages, and reminds us how much joy you can get from simply spreading your love to the rest of the world.
Haleigh Rucinski
Haleigh Rucinski
October 10, 2023
Simple and Inspiring GO! Evangelism is a guidebook for any Christian looking to spread their faith. Author Spencer Cho imparts an inspiring message about how God calls all Christians to teach others His word. The book is infused with quotes from the Bible and interpretations of these messages that serve both as a guide for those looking to teach others about Christianity and as a method for readers to learn more about their own faith. I was particularly inspired by quotes from Paul and about the simplicity of Paul's message when he spread the Word of God. It shows that you do not have to do anything special to make an impact. You just have to speak truthfully and honestly.But what I found most admirable and helpful about this guide were the real-life examples of people practicing their evangelism. It is heartening and encouraging to hear stories of people who succeeded and seeing how they succeeded. And, truthfully, it is inspiring to see the less successful stories, ones where people are asked to leave for sharing their faith. It is good to know that not every attempt will be easy, so you can prepare for that possibility. Readers will come away inspired and ready to spread the word.
Dawn K. Killian
Dawn K. Killian
October 9, 2023
Motivational and inspiring The author slowly exposes you to the message of God, to apply the word of the gospel to your life. This book is used as a tool to reach out to those who are nonbelievers, in hope that they become a believer, with the teaching of God. In the beginning of this book the reader is plunged deeper into the message that the author stresses about God, and plants seeds to speed the word of the gospel.The author lays out a step by step guideline going on repentance and salvation then telling the reader that its never to late in finding the gospel of God. When the world seems to be going to pot, finding the word of God will bring you salvation. This book can be a very motivational and inspiring guide to spreading word or gospel of God.
Raymond E Cole III
Raymond E Cole III
October 8, 2023
A well argued reason for Evangilism. Go Evangilism, so simple, yet so powerful Evangilism, is a very interesting read on why you should be out there taking the Word to those who have not heard it, but also to those who have. Spencer Cho, with his liberal sprinkling of Scripture, and with his eye on the prize of Salvation. Spenncer Cho states his case clearly, and use his own personal experience, for why we should all be evangelizing to the masses. A great read for anyone who needs help getting started on the path, from handing out tracts to how to speak to someone who has never heard the Word. If you ever wanted to be like Jonah, after the big Fish, or like Paul taking the Gospel to the Gentiles. Spencer Cho has written the perfect guide for you to Go Evangilize.
October 7, 2023
GO! Evangelism GO! Evangelism: So Simple, Yet So Powerful written by Spencer Cho is an influential book for all believers who want to share their beliefs with others in today's world. Spencer's feelings for evangelism are obvious in his writings throughout his book. He shares his personal story about how he started GO! Evangelism church. He shares straightforward ways to present the word to non-believers and those who have controversial topics with God. He dives into other religions and discusses them. He presents his beliefs very thoroughly and with conviction.I would recommend this book to people that want to learn more about religion, needs to have a strong influence to bring them back to God, or is a non-believer and wants to understand Evangelism.
Jared Fowler
Jared Fowler
October 7, 2023
Go Evangelism will compel you to make a change and help! This book is one short succinct call to action and promote the tenants of Christianity. Throughout this guide, readers are called upon to help fight the dangers of pornography and other morally disingenuous aspects of life. The main theme throughout is the need to uphold Christian Moral values in order to protect our children. This book does not get political in any way shape or form. It simply asks the reader to take a good hard look at life in the United States today and then a good hard look at themselves.Are we doing enough as a nation to fight for our children? Do we involve prayer and God in our daily lives? These are the questions that this book asks us to answer. The part the struck me the most was whether or not the United States as a whole as well as us as individuals practiced the process of repentance. Basically, when we do stray from the righteous path, are we sorry? This is something that hit me hard because I want to instill this idea in my children but never really stopped to ask myself this question.This book will make you ask yourself those questions.
October 5, 2023
Plant your seed! Go! Evangelism is an incredible guiding light to the pathway of Christianity. Cho gives an exciting interpretation into the messages given to us all through biblical passages as it relates to the current lives we live. We are called to plant the seeds of God spreading the word with the goal of watching those seeds transform as many lives as possible. Often this can be an uncomfortable task as we build the confidence in ourselves to spread the word. Never doubt yourself as Cho prepares us with a manual giving us all the tools we need to move past those insecurities and continue to tend the garden of faith. Cho gives you the tools you need to stand strong in your faith and continue watering your own seed of faith! As a Christian I recommend this to both readers that are new to their faith as well as those that need a renewed passion for spreading the word.
October 4, 2023
A valuable resource for connecting spiritually with others Go! Evangelism is a thorough guidebook for bolstering one's personal relationship to Christianity and sowing belief in others. As Cho writes, "We must go unconditionally and sow the seeds of the Gospel by joyfully obeying God's voice: 'Go and Plant!'" Relying on this natural metaphor of planting and sowing, the book offers different methods of developing relationships with others and fostering their belief in Evangelical ideals. I have drifted away from my religion in recent years, but this book is welcoming to all regardless of belief and understanding of everyone's individual spiritual journey.Although the book mainly offers advice, Cho spends some time explaining what evangelism is and how it fits into one's daily life. This provides a foundation for the action items he supplies across the book's digestible chapters. He relies heavily on interpretations of passages from the Bible that relate our current world state to the teachings of God. As the world becomes more and more chaotic and polarized, Cho's book is a valuable resource for connecting with others via Evangelism.

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(1 Corinthians 3:6-8)

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Hand Out GO! Gospel Bible Tracts, the “Seed of Eternal Life” with a Sincere and Very Pleasant Smile And Say “Hi, I would like to share Good News with you.” or simply
“Hi, I Have Good News for you!”
If they ask, “What is it about?” Tell them the Truth.
“It is a Gospel Bible Tract. It will show you How to Get to Heaven.”

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