Kid’s Illustrated Gospel Bible Tracts in English, Hindi, Bengali, & Telugu

  • Shipped with a single colorful cover
  • 20 Pages – Printed in full color



 Kid’s Illustrated Gospel Bible Tracts in English, Hindi, Bengali & Telugu

  • Shipped in a single colorful cover
  • 20 Pages – Printed in full color
Quantity Price Per Bible Tract Total
40 $0.36 $14.40
120 $0.34 $40.80
260 $0.32 $83.20
500 $0.30 $150.00
1,000 $0.28 $280.00
2,000 $0.26 $520.00
5,000 $0.22 $1,100.00

Let God use you to fill the earth with His Glory!
Save many through loving compassion
& others through fiery confrontation. (Jude 22,23)

Opportunities to use Bible Tracts are only limited by your imagination!

  • Hand out to customers at local fast food restaurants.
  • Put on tables in local post offices.
  • Pass out on busy downtown street corners.
  • Pass out to students at schools after dismissal.
  • Hand tracts to the passengers on the elevators.
  • Leave a tract next to the handrail on the escalator.
  • Pass out to people waiting in line at theater.
  • Pass out to customers waiting in line at restaurant.
  • Pass out to downtown pedestrians.
  • Put in each box or bag of merchandise sold.
  • Send to parents in birth announcements.
  • Leave on ATM machines.
  • Leave in game rooms.
  • Place under the car windshield wiper in parking lots.
  • Pass out door to door.
  • Give to Flight Attendants, Cab Drivers, Truck Drivers.
  • Put in Plane seat pockets, inside magazines, restrooms.
  • Leave on sitting areas of shopping malls.
  • Pass out at parades, festivals, and special events.
  • Leave in city parks on benches, etc.
  • Leave on Dressers for the Maid at Motels
  • Hand out at stadium entrances, etc.
  • Leave in Laundromats.
  • Leave at funeral homes.
  • Give to attendants at parking garages, etc.
  • Leave in motel rooms (in the drawers, telephone book, etc.)
  • Give to waitresses with generous tips at restaurants
  • Put in magazines in waiting rooms.
  • Leave in beauty parlors.
  • Hand out at zoos, picnic areas, beaches.
  • Include in bills paid by mail.
  • Hand to store employees, check-out clerks.
  • Leave on waiting areas of hospitals.
  • Leave in restrooms at restaurants, schools, movie theaters, airports, etc.
  • Leave in bank where deposit slips are.
  • Leave with generous tip in restaurants.
  • Hand to fast food restaurant employee as you pick up foods at drive through window.
  • Give to hospital and nursing home patients.
  • Leave in returned library books.
  • Leave on tables at flea markets, Swap meets, etc.
  • Leave on tables at health club.
  • Put in airport lounges, bus terminals, etc.
  • Mail to relatives of deceased in obituaries.
  • Leave on seats on bus, cab, airplane, etc.
  • Rent booths at county or local fairs and pass out tracts to hundreds of visitors.
  • Put in helium-filled balloons and let it fly to various destinations.
  • Put in pockets of used clothing given away.
  • Leave in dressing rooms of clothing stores.
  • Put in sealed bottles in the ocean.
  • Hand out at sporting events.
  • Plus the endless possibilities as the Holy Spirit leads you.

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