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"I have never found a Gospel Tract that so completely and clearly explains

how to get saved and with such attractive colors, graphics and the most

powerful message that will draw people to read them. My burden and prayer

is, Lord, Give Me Souls!" Rev. Goodwin, Livingstone, TX

"I really love your tracts - very concise in the message - sin, mercy, grace,

Christ and eternal salvation. Thanks!" Martin, San Diego, CA

Are You Ready for the Rapture?

Jesus is Coming Back Very Soon! Time is Fast Running Out!

The descriptions below represents "Page 14" of Our Just Published "The End Times GO! Gospel Tract" (Total 16 pages)


What If I Miss The Rapture?

Very soon millions of people shall suddenly disappear and there will be mass panic, widespread fear, anarchy and devastation.

What has happened to all the disappeared people - your loved ones and all the children. All non-Christians and Christian posers

who missed the rapture would then be "LEFT BEHIND" to suffer through "the tribulation" - a 7 year period of catastrophic

pandemonium, lawlessness, anarchy, cosmic signs, chaos, disasters and earthquakes, terrible plaques and bloodshed.


When the Church is Gone, THERE WILL BE NO ONE there to Pray for you and Support you.

If you don't have the guts to stand up and proclaim that you now accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, do you really

think that you will have enough courage to do that after the Holy Spirit and all Christians have been removed from this earth?


DON'T BET YOUR SOUL that you will even have that chance or the courage to do so.

Many faithful Christians do not believe you will even have a chance to be saved during the Great Tribulation.

YOUR CHANCE IS NOW!  If you are going to be saved, you  must accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior NOW!

IF YOU ARE NOT READY YET, review and try to understand the contents of all the pages of this "Rapture Ready"

GO! gospel tract and get fully prepared PLACING YOUR FAITH and TRUST in GOD ALONE.



Our Just Published "Rapture Ready" Tract (Total 16 pages) with the Following Contents to Urge and Challenge All Christians!

Page 1 2 Covers "Are You Rapture Ready?" as shown below.
Page 2 How Much Time Do You Have Left in Your Life? Death Comes Suddenly and Unexpectedly!
Page 3 You Must Prepare For Your Death Today! Tomorrow May Be Too Late! The Choice is Yours!
Page 4 Prepare For Your Fateful Moment! The Bible continuously warns us of the Day of Judgment.
Page 5 Can I Really Know in Advance Where I Will Go? What Must I Do to be SAVED and Go To Heaven?
Page 6 The Assurance of Salvation and the Forgiveness of Sin. Jesus paid Penalty for Our Sins!
Page 7 What Must I Do To Be Saved? Can I Know for Sure I will Go To Heaven?
Page 8 You Can Make That Final Decision. Rewards Given for Faithfulness in Your Christian Life.
Page 9 Go To God with a Sincere Prayer, Repenting of Your Sins and Receive Eternal Life as a Free Gift of God.
Page 10 I am a New Christian.  Now What? Becoming a New Christian is a Celebration!
Page 11 Experience Joy and Blessings as a Faithful Soul Winner. GO! Tract will show everyone How to Get to Heaven.
Page 12 Prepare for Your Eternity! Do you have Assurance of Salvation in Jesus?
Page 13 Be Ready for His Imminent Return! Are You Really Rapture Ready?
Page 14 What If I Miss the Rapture? All explained above.
Page 15 How to Get Ready for the Rapture?
Page 16 Statement Of Faith: What GO! Evangelism Ministry Believes.

Are You Ready for The Rapture?

2 Covers, 16 Pages

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5,000 $0.18 $900.00

Many Souls without knowing Jesus are Dying everyday and Going to Hell, according to the Word of God!

Souls are Lost in Sin!  Souls without Jesus are Perishing!

This is Why We Christians Must Get Busy in Spreading the Gospel, Fully Utilizing this Powerful GO! Gospel Tract!


God Uses GO! Gospel Tracts Mightily!

Tract Cover RR-A (16 Pages) Tract Cover RR-B (16 Pages)



IF YOU HAVE NEVER GIVEN OUT TRACTS, Follow Tips Mentioned in Page 11 plus the followings.

Put 2-3 tracts on tables in local post offices, leave them in a shopping cart, pass out to street pedestrians, pass out on busy

downtown street corners, leave on ATM machines, give to flight attendants, cab drivers, truck drivers, leave on sitting area

of shopping malls, leave in city parks on benches, leave in Laundromats, give to waitresses with generous tips, put in

magazines in waiting rooms, leave in beauty parlors, hand to store employees, check-out clerks, leave in restrooms at

airports, restaurants, schools, movie theatres, give to hospital and nursing home patients, put in pockets of used clothing

given away, Plus the Endless Possibilities As The Holy Spirit Leads You.


The Holy Spirit Will Give You a Deep Sense of Joy and Great Satisfaction, that you played a small but significant

part in carrying out the Great Commission to Reach this Perishing Generation with the Gospel of Everlasting Life.


► GO! Tracts Clearly and Completely Explain How to Receive Eternal Salvation!

► Jesus is Coming Back Soon! Time is Running Out Fast!

► Now is The Time to Evangelize and Rescue the Perishing Souls!



Are You Ready for The Rapture?

2 Covers, 16 Pages

Qty Price Ea. Total
40 $0.32 $12.80
120 $0.30 $36.00
260 $0.28 $72.80
500 $0.26 $130.00
1,000 $0.24 $240.00
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